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Hidden Lives Anthology by Jerry Pociask

Hidden Live Anthology

A collection of three stories by Jerry Pociask available as an e-book, or in paperback.

 COMING SOON: Audio book of "End of Life"

COMING SOON: Audio book of "End of Life"


Grandma, Me and Tree

I enjoyed this short story immensely. It may have been short but the journey of reading it captured a lifetime. Grandma. Everyone has their own memories or relationships with "Grandma" and this story reminds this reader of those memories and connections. I fell in love with his Grandma and loved her stories, as I read it through the authors’ narrative. As Grandma says "we MUST believe in our dreams and in ourselves at every moment." Truer words were never spoken. Excuse me while I read it again. – review by Amy Shannon

Call Me Grandpa

This book is a powerful and inspirational story of a soon-to-be grandfather. I have read Pociask's work before and am very impressed with his writing style and how he tells a story. The lessons are something that any parent or grandparent or anyone who is soon to be taking care of a child can learn from. Infinite words of wisdom and the journey or discussion that one would have with the night sky is something that the reader carries with them. It's full of faith and continuous faith, and a must read for anyone. Especially those soon to be a grandfather. Absolutely loved it! – review by Amy Shannon

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