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Jerry Pociask has led an eclectic lifestyle. His love of nature and his interests in Native American spirituality and Celtic lore often conflicted with the need to work within the constraints of the corporate world. Eventually, he found a satisfying balance. Leading the corporate life, he rekindled his desire to help others see and achieve their own greatness.

A Life Coach with over 10,000 hours, including working with the developmentally disabled and many military veterans, he learned the simple basics of what brings meaning to one’s life. A term as Chairman of the Board for the Grand Traverse Boys and Girls Club in northern Michigan allowed him the opportunity to work with local native tribes, fueling his affinity for native spirituality.

His first book titled Call Me Grandpa explored reflections on being a father and then the prospect of being a grandfather. Grandma, Me and Tree expands his thoughts on native and Celtic lore and the connections between man and nature. Both stories have been well received including numerous accolades from reviewers like Amy Shannon and C.K. Webb.

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