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Perspectives versus Perceptions


The issues of kneeling or standing during the Anthem has garnered much speculation, divisiveness and obviously media air. The media continues to drive this divisiveness because obviously conflict creates airtime and airtime equates to advertising revenues. Opinions and perceptions are beliefs. So you see, we have been told to stand during the anthem because it is a sign of respect…intimates the old creed of “stand up” for the beliefs of suffering and sacrifice.

Soooo…what if we could change perceptions based upon perspectives? Do people not go to church and kneel in respect? Ever hear of genuflecting? Does not a man in respect and reverence of his intended love KNEEL to ask for her hand in marriage? So why all the hoopla?

These athletes kneel in what they perceive or believe is in protest. Why can’t anybody, including the President of the United States see the absolute reverence and respect these athletes are showing our Stars and Stripes? Why don’t the athletes see the very act of defiance they wish to exemplify is in fact the very opposite of their displays?

If we take the time to “see” is it not amazing what it is that comes into view. Welcome the kneeling for what it is…not some antiquated outdated belief that no longer serves its purpose!

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